Polished Diamonds

At A.V. Milestone Diamond Co. , we offer 18 different diamond assortments. All our diamond lines are cut and polished by highly skilled artisans using the most updated technology. Our wide range of assortments enables us to fulfill our clients’ diverse diamond needs, i.e. from stock supply, servicing programs to matching lay-out for jewelry designs.
We specialize in polished round brilliant cut diamonds ranging from 0.05-0.90cts. VVS – I1 clarities and D through L color. Within this range we carry pointers, caraters, ideal cuts and certified goods.  

Business Principles

A.V. Milestone Diamond Co. is dedicated to and complies with the Kimberley Process and Patriot Act, ensuring professional and ethical standards as well as other initiatives passed by organizations such as the World Diamond Congress to stop the flow of conflict diamonds.

a.) Business Ethics. A.V. Milestone sells only natural diamonds, free of human suffering or any type of exploitation.
b.) Customer Commitment. We are committed to building professional business relationships with our clientele. We strive to fulfill their needs to the best of our ability.
c.) Consumer Satisfaction. We make it our task to ensure the final product will bring satisfaction and confidence to the consumer.

Buyers Seat

We welcome all International buyers. Allow us to provide you with a space in our office that is equipped with all the necessary and up-to-date instruments needed to make intelligent purchase decisions. In addition, we can help you network with over 3,000 diamond companies that are located in the surrounding buildings of the Israeli Diamond Exchange.  

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